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nKAPs GPSCloud

No Need to worry at all about your vehicle or mobile theft.

No Need to keep an on your child always.

No Need to worry about the fuel misuses done by your drivers.

No need to worry about RASH driving of School bus drivers.

We are here to help you to track all these thing just with a mouse click while you are at home or on your job.
Our GPSCloud is a web based platform and tracking application to manage your assets with ease.

How it works

  1. Just register yourself to our GPS Cloud.
  2. Let us know your asset to be tracked.
  3. Select the GPS device you would like to use.
  4. You can also prefer to use your own GPS device, in that case let us know its protocol and we will configure your device in GPS cloud.
  5. You can also opt to use your smart phone in place of the GPS device.
  6. The complete registration and enrolment process takes around 3-4 working days
  7. And there you go!!!

What You can do with it

  1. Real Time Tracking : see your asset on the map, any time, located in any corner of the world.
  2. Control your GPS device sitting at home.
  3. Send SMS to the device holder.
  4. Set Geo fence ( Red zone) for your asset.
  5. Get alerted if your device holder crosses the Red Zone.
  6. Keep track of fuels use if you are tracking your vehicle
  7. Lock Unlock your vehicle from anywhere
  8. Get Reports

Generated Reports

  1. Device Information
  2. Alert Report
  3. Fence Status Report
  4. Mileage Report (Daily)
  5. Mileage Report (Monthly)
  6. Fuel Consumption Report (Daily)
  7. Fuel Consumption Report (Monthly)
  8. Device Daily Running Report
  9. Extraordinary Fuel Drop Report
  10. Over Speed Detail Report
  11. Device Check Report
  12. Device Track Point Report
  13. User Log Report

Currently Supported Devices by GPS Cloud

  1. SmartPhones
    • iphone
    • Android
    • Blackberry

GPS Tracking Devices

  1. Meitrack series
    • MT90
    • MT90
    • MVT100
    • MVT380
  2. Queclink series
    • GL200
    • GL500
    • GT200
    • GT300
    • GT500
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